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DMV Hearing Codes

DMV Hearing Codes

DMV Hearing CodesDrivers License Suspension

The following Vehicle Codes deal only with the California Department of Motor Vehicles Hearing. These laws allow the DMV to suspend or revoke your license through administrative action after a DUI arrest. These action are separate form the criminal drunk driving case.

VC. 23612 Implied Consent For Chemical Testing
VC. 14100 Demand for Hearing
VC. 14100.1 Hearing Procedure
VC. 14101 No Hearing
VC. 14103 Waiver of Hearing
VC. 14104 Notice of Hearing
VC. 14104.2 Person Conducting Hearing
VC. 14104.5 Issuance of Subpoenas
VC. 14104.7 Evidence at Hearing
VC. 14105 Notice of Decision
VC. 14105.5 Department Review
VC. 14106 Authorized Action by Department
VC. 14112 Administrative Adjudication

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