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California DUI Laws

DUI LawsThe following are laws that can effect you and your drivers license if you are arrested for a DUI. The drunk driving laws in Contra Costa County carry heavy fines, jail time, mandatory DUI education and license suspension.

California Drunk Driving Laws
VC. 23152 Driving Under the Influence - Alcohol
VC. 23153 DUI - Alcohol or Drugs Causing Injury
VC. 23220 Drinking While Driving
VC. 23222 Possession of Marijuana or Open Container While Driving
VC. 23223 Possession of Open Container in Motor Vehicle
Drunk Driving Laws Pertaining to Those Under 21
VC. 13352.3 Person Under 18 Convicted of DUI
VC. 23136 Under 21 Driving with a BAC of .01 or More
VC. 23140 Under 21 DUI
VC. 23224 Possession of Alcohol in Vehicle: Person Under 21
Drunk Driving Penaltie Laws
VC. 23536 Penalty for First DUI Conviction
VC. 23540 Penalty for Second DUI Conviction
VC. 23546 Penalty for Third DUI Conviction
VC. 23550 Penalty for Fourth DUI Conviction
VC. 23550.5 Conviction Within 10 Years of Prior DUI Conviction
V.C. 13352 License Suspension for DUI or Speed Contest
DUI Enhancements
VC. 23558 Multiple Victims
VC. 23572 Minor Under 14 Years of Age in the Vehicle
VC. 23577 Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test
VC. 23582 Speeding While Driving Under the Influence
Other Drunk Driving Related Laws
VC. 23594 Vehicle Impoundment if Convicted of a DUI
VC. 20001 Hit and Run Causing Injury or Death
VC. 20002 Misdemeanor Hit and Run Without Injury

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